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Director (4 titles)                                                                                            

2020 Tomorrow’s Heroes (in production)


2005 Vampire  

Angela Servi
Steve Sayre


1995 Lost at Sea

Steve Sayre
Caroline Ambrose
Mark Cuban


1993 The Satan Killer

Steve Sayre
Belinda Borden


1992 Movie Madness

Lezlie Deane
Cristal Mitchell
David Milkie

Actor (4 titles)


1983 Valley Girl
(Club owner)

1993 The Satan Killer
(Detective Stephens)

2005 Vampire
(Ian Vander)

1995 Lost at Sea
(Grant Stevens) 

Crew (1 title)

Rocky (assistant fight choreographer)

Steve Sayre meets with the king of comedy
Steve Sayre meets with Jay Leno over at NBC Studios in Burbank to reminisce over the lighting of the Hollywood Sign for New Year's Eve back in the year 2000 with Jay and the then mayor of Los Angeles -- Richard J. Riordan.  Steve was the man responsible for convincing and arranging for Jay to participate in the landmark event.  Jay's lighting of the sign was televised internationally.
Click here to see a brief compilation of news clips from the BBC broadcast of the lighting of the Hollywood Sign to celebrate the year 2000.

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